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Google Sketchup Viewer is a standalone application
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With the tremendous success that is promising to have the Google Sketchup, it’s more than likely that if you are not a user, in a little time you’ll be a viewer of a Sketchup created model. In that case you will be needing the Google Sketchup Viewer, available for free download from the Sketchup web site. Google Sketchup Viewer is a standalone application that allows you to open and display 3D models created by Google Sketchup Pro.
Maybe at this point you are a little bit curious about what it is the Google Sketchup application. So let me tell you something about it. This tool is oriented and developed for the concept design stages and allows you to create, see and modify 3D models right from your ideas, without taking too much of you to use the tool so you can think in your designs instead of thinking about how to draw them, just as you were drawing with your hand and pencil.
About the viewer, it shares the interface style with Sketchup Pro and the basic navigations commands. A simple window with a menu bar, a toolbar at top and another navigation toolbar on the left side is all what you’ll be seeing. You will be able to open 3D models, know the information about them, explore them and even printing them. Everything fast and easy.

Juan Morán
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  • Easy-to-use
  • It's free, nice and intuitive interface


  • Windows 95/98/ME and NT are not supported
  • Edition of models not available
  • Few languages supported
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